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Identify relevant experts for better EU Policy

Frequently asked questions about EurActory

Making EU policy more efficient and interactive is a difficult task. Policy professionals are engaging with more and more people every day: officials, politicians, lobbyists, and analysts. How do you know who to listen to? Who matters most to you?

EurActory monitors hundreds of EU professionals and ranks them by policy topic according to their influence, currently on Energy Union, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Future of the EU. It tells you who you need to know, and what you need to know about them.




1.    What are the EurActory rankings?


The first ranking was released on 24 February 2016 and focuses on Energy Union policy stakeholders. EurActory covers more topics! Soon, EurActory will reveal rankings on Innovation & Entrepreneurship Policy as well as on the Future of the EU.


2. What are #EurActory40 events?


EurActory40 events combine the reveal of a ranking of top policy influencers with a policy debate.

The first took place on 24 February 2016 in the European Parliament and presented the state of the Energy Union after the first year of its implementation.


3. Can I trigger one?


Yes, if you would like to trigger a #EurActory40 event on a given policy topic contact:

Dan Luca:


4. What are the signals that make the EurActory ranking?


Various tools give “grades” or rank professionals. Some evaluate professionals based on the opinion of a jury. Other tools are more data-driven, computing the influence of professionals based on their network or on the relevance of web pages compared to a given search entry.


EurActory’s ranking combines different signals in order to combine the benefits of both online and offline appraisals:


Human generated signals

EurActory will ask you about your expertise and influence on given policy topics. Then, your peers will have the opportunity to emphasise some of your topics of expertise. Since who you work for also tells about your influence, EurActory also assesses your organisation and level of responsibilities.

Last but not the least, EurActory believes in physical interactions and offline influence. It will therefore leverage many gatherings of experts, such as Stakeholder Workshops and other professional events, to fine-tune the rankings and highlight less visible professionals.


Computer generated signals

EurActory also evaluates the impact of the documents you produce, the influence of your network connections and, since influence does not fade away overnight, EurActory reflects your historical grades.


5.    Why has my profile gone up / gone down in the ranking?


The EurActory ranking is dynamic and based on the input of EU professionals.  

You may have gone up because other users have vouched for your expertise in a given policy topic. Sometimes, you may eventually go down. This is the right time to ensure that your profile is complete and up to date. Just click on “My Profile” in the upper right corner to enrich your profile and communicate on your topics of expertise.



6.    Can I improve my ranking on EurActory? How?


Yes, anything you do to enhance your expertise and influence on your policy topic will support your ranking on EurActory. Your ranking also improves when you claim topics of expertise under “My Profile” and when the community vouches for you on “Tell others about this person's expertise”.


This is why enriching your public EurActory profile by adding a profile picture, a description, and links to your blog, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts will have a positive impact on your position in EurActory.


Because EurActory integrates itself in physical events, speaking at debates and workshops related to your policy topic, will also have a positive impact on your ranking.



7.    Can others hinder my ranking on EurActory?


No, the community of EU actors can vouch for your influence on certain policy topics but cannot downgrade you.



8.    Does activating my profile help my ranking?


Yes, it greatly helps! The ranking is created with feedback sourced from the community and also takes into account online signals based on your connections on Twitter and LinkedIn. This is why, activating your profile and linking it to you other social media accounts helps EurActory refine the assessment of your expertise and influence.




9.    Why my profile does not appear on EurActory?


Could we have created profiles for all EU actors in one night? No, so far we have pre-populated the profiles of all officials working for the EU Institutions as well as a large number of analysts and influencers.


If your profile is not in EurActory yet, and you are what we call an EU Actor, we certainly wish to include it. Could you kindly give us a hint by filing the short form on You can also contact us directly on



10.    I found errors or broken links on EurActory, where can I report them?


EurActory is still in Beta format. Yet, we are making every effort to make EurActory already up to your high quality standards. If you come across an error or a bug, please kindly report it to us through the feedback form on the right hand side of each page. We will take your feedback as our priority.


The team behind EurActory is always eager to hear from your experience with EurActory. Did it enabled you to identify an EU professional you should talk to, invite a speaker for your next event or simply promote your expertise and influence to your policy community? And even more importantly, how can we help you even more? You can tell us about your experience and feedback on the right hand side form or by dropping us a message at



11.    How do I remove my profile from EurActory?


EurActory aims to feature a fair and comprehensive representation of the community of EU actors. All pre-populated profiles are based on publicly available data and the rest of the information is at your discretion. If you wish to remove your profile from EurActory, you can either strip it down to the data publicly available and still retain your seat on the community (preferred option) or delete your profile completely. Therefore, kindly drop us a note from your professional email address to specifying your preferred choice. Maybe we can find an alternative way to answer your concerns and still retain your position in the EurActory community?


12.    Is EurActory influenced by money?


No. There are no “sponsored profiles”. EurActiv does seek sponsorship for most of its activities, including EurActory but this will not influence the rankings. The development of this tool was co-financed by the European Commission’s DG Connect and Oracle.


Anything else?